What our past clients have to say

“ I had been experiencing heightened anxiety and insomnia that I just couldn’t find a way to ease. In the time I was with Lisa I was provided with a safe space free of judgement and I experienced a true sense of calm and felt more empowered with new strategies/practices to help me self soothe, calm my nervous system, break the cycle of repetitive thoughts and create a more positive outlook for my future. I experienced a reduction in my anxiety and improved concentration and sleep which helped me so much. Thank you! ”
– Sally

“ Lisa has helped me to relax in my body, let go of some of my limited beliefs and provided me with ways to turn around negative thoughts which has given me a sense of confidence in myself. ”
– Grace

If you woul like more information, please contact Lisa. You can get in touch by email at


or if you prefer by phone on 047 336 1500